Learn the Strategies for Building Resilient Teams, fostering innovation, and creating a Lasting Impact through Transformative Leadership Practices.


This book is an interactive guide for current and aspiring leaders seeking to forge a strong, collaborative team culture amidst organizational chaos. The book offers a rich narrative journey with insightful lessons and hands-on activities that inspire and facilitate transformative leadership. It equips readers with the tools to drive innovation, resilience, and trust within their teams, encouraging a robust strategy for enduring success. Aimed at unlocking one's full leadership potential, "TORCH" is the torchbearer for those looking to leave a lasting legacy of excellence and impact in their professional realm.



Amber Carlson-Hays - President/CEO, Author

Amber Carlson-Hays is a highly accomplished professional with a decade of expertise in crafting award-winning learning solutions for a wide range of organizations. Armed with a Master's degree in Organizational Development and Leadership and an honorary PhD in Psychology, she has garnered recognition as a foremost Learning Experience Evolutionist by the International Association of Top Professionals. Amber's leadership extends to her role in steering a top-tier team of designers, producers, and developers, whose collaborative efforts have not only earned national news coverage but also secured industry acclaim, establishing them as leading Adult Learning Specialists.

Beyond her impressive professional journey, Amber is driven by a strong commitment to philanthropy. She actively champions local causes, including Orlando Women for Good, Holiday HOOPS & ARTs, and Grateful Giving.

Amber and her dedicated team specialize in the art of crafting learning strategies that embrace organizational culture, celebrate diversity, and ignite individual and collective growth while delivering exceptional ROI.

A sought-after keynote speaker and author on leadership, Amber continues to inspire others through her profound insights, impacting both her professional endeavors and philanthropic contributions. Her remarkable achievements have earned her esteemed recognition from Unified Brainz as a Top Woman Leader to Look Up To.

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